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Hey Google, send 20€ to Mum! - Live coding, OpenBanking, Voice Assistants and its ethics


Not sure if I should write in English or French here. Website is in english so I’ll go for that but I can do all in French as well :). I studied in Brest so I’d be happy to do a demo there again!

I think this talk definitely matches the event for several reasons: * Voice assistants are coming, and they will be part of our future! Kids are already used to using them daily. (Asimov) * Open Banking, and it’s combination corporations bring interesting ethical dillemas. Google just aquired Fitbit and announced it would create a bank. How can health data and banking go together? (Skynet) * The whole talk focuses on Google technology (DialogFlow, GCP), but is relevant to other domains as well. * It’s mostly live, and it’s fun!


Voice assistants are becoming an increasing part of our daily life. All smart devices can now be voice controlled, and more and more people have smart assistants in their homes. In addition, since the beginning of the year all banks in Europe are required to provide APIs to their customers. You are now an API call away from being in control of your money! In this session, Julien will create a voice-controlled bot that will allow Google or Alexa to send money to his mum live!

After a short introduction to the PSD2 landscape and how voice assistants work, we will dive head-first into my IDE and create a bot together.

At the end of this talk you will: - Understand PSD2, and why it is interesting for you as customers. - Be able to create a simple voice assistant application and understand its basic vocabulary - Have your fingers itching to try more at home :) and